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Jeff Staudinger - Environmental Studies

StaudingerJeff Staudinger, PE, CHMM, Industrial Ecologist
Full-Time Faculty Member, Environmental Studies Dept.
Program Coordinator and Lead Instructor, Environmental Resource Management and Pollution Prevention Program

Phone: (408) 864-5318
Office: 212 Kirsch Center
Office Hours: TBA

Courses Taught:
     Environmental Resource Management and Pollution Prevention Courses
          ES 6: Introduction to Environmental Law (4 units)
          ES 50: Introduction to Environmental Resource Management & Pollution Prevention (2 units)
          ES 61 A&B: Environmental Resource Management and Pollution Prevention
                  A: Air, Water and Land (3 units)
                  B: Chemicals, Energy and Waste (3 units)         
          ES 62 A-D: Environmental Management Tools
                  A: Environmental Management Systems & Environmental Performance Metrics (3 units)
                  B: Environmental Impact Reports (3 units)
                  C: Environmental Site Assessments (3 units)
                  D: Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Design Principles (3 units)
         ES 64: AB 32 (California's Global Warming Solutions Act) (1 unit)
     General Ed Courses:
          ES 1: Introduction to Environmental Studies (4 units)
          ESCI 1 Lab: Environmental Science Lab (1 unit)

     M.S., Environmental Engineering, Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!)
     M.S., Natural Resource Policy & Behavior, Univ of Michigan (Let's Go Blue!)

Primary Interest Areas:
     --  Environmental Resource Management (mgmt of our air, water, land, food & material resources)
     --  Pollution Control and Pollution Prevention ("reduce-reuse-recycle")
     --  Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Systems (energy, buildings, transportation, ag, etc.)
     --  "Efficiency and Sufficiency" (efficient resource use and addressing over-consumption)

Professional Bio:

Prior to joining DeAnza in 2010, I spent over 20 years working in the areas of environmental management and pollution control and prevention (the areas that I now teach in here at DeAnza!). My professional experience includes:
  -- Identifying, characterizing and cleaning up old hazardous waste sites ("Superfund sites").
  -- Designing industrial treatment systems to control/prevent pollution and manage waste.
  -- Helping ensure that business/industry complies with environmental laws and regulations.
  -- Helping business/industry "go green" ("beyond compliance").

I have worked in a variety of situations, including as:
  -- A technical/management consultant to business/industry.
  -- A direct employee of industry (for United Technologies and National Semiconductor). 
  -- A gov't regulator (for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in San Francisco).
  -- A researcher at the University of Michigan's Center for Sustainable Systems.

In addition, I have:
  -- Authored two books (The Environmental Guidebook and The California Environmental Guide),
     both of which profile various organizations (non-profits, gov't entities, etc) involved in
     environmental issues in the U.S. and California, respectively.
  -- Founded Engineers Dedicated to a Better Tomorrow - a charitable non-profit that promotes
     improving the world through the practice of sustainable engineering.

Finally, I am:
  -- A licensed Professional Engineer.
  -- A Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM).

Teaching Effectiveness

My student surveys here at DeAnza have been highly positive with over 95% of students surveyed recommending me as an instructor. Within the individual teaching evaluation elements, I have earned my highest marks in terms of being knowledgeable, enthusiastic, well-organized and responsive to student needs and student diversity. The key to my success?: I like to teach and I love to learn.

email Email: Jeff Staudinger
Phone: 408.864.5318
Office: 212 Kirsch Center
Office Hours:

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