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Frank P. Soler - Mathematics


PSME/EDUC 41 (credit may be obtained through either department/division) is the equivalent of "Cal Teach 1" or "Cal Teach 2" at the UC/CSU campuses. This is the mathematics/science teacher internship for prospective teachers of mathematics/science in grades K-12. Successful completion of this 2 quarter units seminar is accompanied by a stipend in the amount of $500-$600. The major activities of the course are: (1) weekly meeting, in a seminar setting, to explore readings from either the textbook or provided materials; (2) discuss written assignments directly related to issues in mathematics/science education; (3) field work consisting of placement in a middle school or high school -- 3-4 hours per week -- for each student in the course; (4) discussion of the California Math and Science Standards for grades 5 through 9; (5) completion of problem sets related to the mathematics covered in the typical high school curriculum (not to include Calculus or Probability/Statistics). 

Effective Summer 2009, I am no longer involved with this program. For further information, contact the PSME Division Office at 408-864-8800.

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