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Frank P. Soler - Mathematics

Math 1A

Math 1A is De Anza's first quarter course in elementary calculus. I am teaching this course in Fall 2006 (see schedule of classes or the 'home page' for this website.) All pertinent information will be distributed the first day of classes. Students are expected to have a graphic calculator (I don't care about the type or make). There is a computer lab component to this class -- mostly on Fridays in the S4 building. This will be fully explained at the first class meeting.

The invention of the 'calculus' is a most monumental milestone in the history of mankind. Sir Isaac Newton (England) and Gottfried W. Leibniz (Germany) are given credit for making such a discovery. Applications of the calculus abound in engineering, physics, finance, and related areas. The calculus is the foundation of modern science and, as of the last couple of decades, together with probability and statistics, it has made additional significant inroads in biology and the life sciences. In this course, we will study the differential calculus.


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