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EWRT 1A: Composition and Reading with Tech Writing

This 5 unit course serves as an introduction to academic reading and writing. Close examination of a variety of texts (personal, popular, literary, professional, academic) from culturally diverse traditions. Practice in common rhetorical strategies used in academic writing. Composition of clear, well-organized, and well-developed essays, with varying purposes and differing audiences, from personal to academic.

EWRT-001A with a Technical writing emphasis focuses on resume writing, business communications, and functional and procedural descriptions. Equivalent to TWRT 61 and applies to Technical Writing certificate or AA degree.

Course Syllabus

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EWRT 1A w/TWRT Syllabus Winter 2010 Rev


EWRT 1A Cover Letter Rubric 6_16_08

EWRT 1A Resume Rubric 2_10

EWRT 1A Persuasive Essay Rubric 2_10

EWRT 1A Instructions Rubric



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