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Jeff Schinske Biology

How to Find Me

How to Find My Office:

My office is located on the 2nd floor of Building SC1 (click here for campus map).  Go up the stairs in the pathway outside SC1.  To your left at the top of the stairs will be the door into the faculty office area (pictured below).  Call my extension (8750) on the phone to the left of the door for entry.  My office is #206 once inside the office area.


How to Leave Things for Me:

Any day, any time, you can leave papers or index cards for me in the faculty drop box.  Put the materials in an envelope and write my name on the envelope.  Then drop the envelope into the “Drop Box” outside of Admin 111 (see picture below). Do not leave any materials for me in classrooms or my office area when I am not present.



Last Updated: 1/1/13