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Anthony Santa Ana - Intercultural Studies

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"Without a struggle there is no progress." - Frederick Douglass

Anthony Santa Ana

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Thursday: 12:30-1:30 PM & by appointment; Wednesday: 8:00-9:00 PM (Online Office Hours)


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Intercultural Studies (Pacific Islander History and Culture and Race and Ethnicity)
A.A. Liberal Arts, De Anza Community College, 1998; B.A. Speech Communication w/emphasis in Intercultural Communication, minor in Asian American Studies, San Jose State University, 2001; M.A. Education & BCLAD Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, University of San Francisco, 2013; Ed.D (In progress) International/Multicultural Education, University of San Francisco

Once upon a time, I was a De Anza student finding my way. As a community organizer, artist, educator and globe trotter, I seek to contribute to humanity. I am an Intercultural Studies part time instructor teaching "Intro to Pacific Islander History and Culture". My research interests include education, critical pedagogy, youth studies, global citizenship, indigenous rights, spirituality, ethnic studies, Hip Hop, Pin@y scholarship & experiential learning. As I come full circle, I found my way back to De Anza hoping to inspire the next generation. Come to my class and experience fun, interactive and thought provoking classes!

If you have any questions or if you like to chat, please send me an email.

Fall 2015
CRN Course Title Time Days Location
22509 ICS-009.-01 Race and Ethnicity: Belonging and Exclusion in the U.S. 01:30 PM-03:20 PM MW MCC-12
22492 ICS-021.-01D Introduction to Pacific Islander History and Culture 01:30 PM-03:20 PM TTh MLC113
21482 ICS-077Z-65R Special Projects in Intercultural Studies TBA TBA TBA
Winter 2016
No classes found for Winter 2016.

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Intercultural Studies

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