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Ann Reisenauer - Biology 10

Biology 10

This 12-week course covers a broad range of topics in biology:
  • The chemistry of life: atoms to macromolecules
  • Cells and organelles
  • Cell division and what happens when cell division "goes bad"
  • Genetics and genetic diseases
  • Molecular biology, DNA, SNPs, and stem cell research
  • Overpopulation and human reproduction
  • Ecology; learn what your own ecological footprint is
  • Global warming

You will be encouraged to work together in lab, form study groups and challenge each other.  I hope you'll discover that biology is both interesting and fun! 

Class materials
  • Recommended textbook: Campbell Essential Biology by Simon, Reece and Dickey. 4th or 5th edition.
  • Biology 10 Lab Activities by Ann Reisenauer - purchase at the bookstore
  • 1 package of 3x5 index cards

 The Syllabus, class calendar, lecture slides, and assignments are posted on the De Anza Catalyst website.

Please note:  only students enrolled in my course will be able to access this material. 




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