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Marrietta Reber - English

EWRT 1A - Composition and Reading

Welcome to EWRT 1A!

This course serves as an introduction to university level reading and writing, with an emphasis on analysis. We closely examine a variety of texts (personal, popular, literary, professional, academic) from culturally diverse traditions. We practice common rhetorical strategies used in academic writing. We focus on composition of clear, well-organized, and well-developed essays, with varying purposes and differing audiences, from personal to academic. In particular, we will examine how food and rituals related to food reflect identity, family and heritage, ethnicity and culture, morals and religion, social class, and political position.


EWRT 1A Syllabus Winter 16 FNL

Readings for Week 1

EWRT 1A Week 1 Instructions

"Butterby Alexander

"The Joy of Food" by National Geographic

"The Importance of Eating Together" by The Atlantic

Tips on Becoming an Active Reader

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