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Kathryn Plum - Mathematics

Math 212

This class will be using Intermediate Algebra by Blittzer.  Students are REQUIRED to have access to MyMathLab to do class homework and take quizzes.  I suggest using the online version of the text which can be purchased online and gives you access to MyMathLab.  If you buy the hard bound text, make sure you also purchase MyMathLab access for Math 212.

Class code needed to access this class in MyMathLab    plum09026


 In-class Worksheets

The following worksheets will be used in class.  Please make sure to bring copies of them to class.


Class Projects

The following projects will be done this quarter.  Please make sure to bring hard copies with you to class on the day indicated on the syllabus.

Math 212 Project 1
Math 212 Project 2



Graphing Resources

Blank Coordinate graphs

Blank Large Q1 grid

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Last Updated: 6/15/17