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Kathryn Plum - Mathematics

Math 10


The textbook for this course is the Introductory Statistics from OpenStax and is available for FREE at: You can use the book online or download a .pdf file. I strongly suggest that you do not buy the hardcopy version of the text until you have tried the FREE online version.

Spring 2017

I am teaching two sections of Math 10 - Elementary Statistics this quarter.  Both sections will follow the same syllabus which is available on my home page.  Both courses makes use of an online system for homework called WebAssign for which the student must pay a nominal fee.  The following documents will be needed during the quarter.  It is your responsibility to bring either soft or hard copies of these to class as they are needed.

The following solution worksheets will be needed as hard copies. You'll need multiple copies of each. They will make doing the problems in Chapters 9, 10, 11 and 13 much easier.


Graded homework  will be done using WebAssign and will be available for student access at 12:01 am on April 10, 2017.  This is a program which gives you problems by chapter, you enter your answers and get immediate feedback on how you did. Quizzes will open at 12:01 AM the day before they are due.  You allowed three attempts at each chapter homework assignment and one attempt for each chapter quiz. You should do all the practice and homework problems in the text before attempting the graded homework in WebAssign. You can access WebAssign starting on April 10, 2017 and will have a 2 week grace period before you must purchase an access code (approx. $35 either online or at the bookstore - make sure you get the code for Math 10!!). After the grace period you will be denied access to WebAssign if you have not have not purchased access. Class keys are listed below for each section. Please make sure you use the key for your section. 

Math 10.25 - deanza   5901   7061

Math10.31 - deanza   9103    3139

Project 2 Examples

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