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Don Nickel - Counseling & Matriculation

Office Hours for Spring Quarter

You can meet with me either on drop in or by appointment Mondays through Thursdays. I do not make my own appointments; you can make them in person at the Counseling Center front desk located on the second floor of the RSS Building or online on the Counseling Center website. 

For drop-in, you must sign in at the Counseling Center front desk. You may request to see a particular counselor or academic advisor or wait for the next available person to call you off the drop-in list. Students are taken on a first come first serve basis. Sometimes the Center is slow and the wait time is minimal. Sometimes the wait can be an hour or more. Always bring a book to read. The Center is always busiest the first two weeks and the last 4 weeks of the quarter. 

Weeks three through six of any given quarter are a great time to come in to update your student ed plan. Traffic in the Counseling Center slows down a bit and we have more time to assist you.

Always bring with you any information (transcripts, articulation agreements, forms etc.) that will expedite our time together.



email Email: Don Nickel
Phone: 408.864.5423
Office: RSS 240




Last Updated: 9/21/16