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CLP 70: Self Assessment Syllabus

Instructor: Don Nickel, Counselor

Office: RSS 213
Phone: (408) 864-5423
Office hours: Fridays 12:30pm to 1:30pm or by appointment

Course Description

This course examines the decision-making process by exploring theories in career development and other factors such as familial, social, and cultural issues that influence career and lifestyle choices. Students will utilize self-assessment inventories to identify individual interests, values, skills, and personality types as they relate to career/college major options.

Student Learning Outcomes

1: Explore college major and career options through the use of self assessments including  personality, values, skills, interests, and how influences such as our beliefs, attitudes, family and culture affect our decision making process.

2: Research and appraise major and career resources that aid in the major/career decision making process.

3: Learn and practice job seeking skills including conducting the information interview.


Advisory: English Writing 211 and Reading 211 (or Language Arts 211), or English as a Second Language 272 and 273.

What to Expect

This is a hybrid course which combines online and classroom learning. This is very much an activity driven course in which your participation is essential. You should expect to spend about 12 hours a week which includes class and homework. You will attend class each Friday from 10:30am to 12:20pm. Most of the assignments and all testing will be online. You are expected to complete work each week in the online portion of the class. When you choose to log in will be up to you as long as you complete the assignments on time. You will be more successful if you log in multiple times each week.

Class Attendance Policy

Friday classes are mandatory and are meant to be participatory and experiential in design. You cannot pass this course if you miss more than three Friday class meetings. Per California regulation, instructors must drop all "no show" first day of class, which will be Friday, April 8. I will also drop students who fail to complete the assignments due within the first two weeks of the quarter which will be April 15.

MBTI and iStartStrong Assessments

You will complete both the MBTI and iStartStrong assessments. You cannot pass this course if you do not complete these assessments by the assigned due dates. 


Final exam:

Our final exam time is Friday, June 24 from 9:15am to 11:15am. This time will be used for class presentations on the information interview. The final exam itself will be available online at a time during finals week to be determined.

Academic Integrity

Here is the link to De Anza College’s policy on academic integrity:

Grading and Assignments

All online assignments and testing have an enforced deadline with no exceptions. No late submissions are accepted.

Grading Scale:

291 - 300 = A+

279 - 290 = A

270 - 278 = A-

261 - 269 = B+

249 - 260 = B

240 - 248 = B-

231 - 239 = C+

210 - 230 = C

201 - 209 = D+

189 - 200 = D

180 - 188 = D-

below 180 = F

Assignment Value:

Graded Assignment

Points Possible

Reflections and homework




Midterm Exam


Information Interview Presentation or Paper


MBTI and iStartStrong Assessments


Final Exam  30
Total 300

Grading rubric for the Information Interview Presentation



Full credit

Quality of presentation

Person interviewed is not a relevant choice for this assignment. Student does not follow all six steps as listed on the UCB website. Student does not adequately research and report on the related occupation.

Person interviewed is a relevant choice for this assignment. Presentation follows the instructions as listed on the assignment including following the six steps listed on the UCB website. Student researches and reports on the occupation using O*NET or the OOH.

Quantity of interviewers

Students who work together simply divide the work that has to be done compared to someone who completes this assignment individually.

Students who work together must complete the above and incorporate something of additional value into their presentation such as the use of media to demonstrate having completed the degree of work of those who complete this assignment individually. No more than two students can present together 

Timeliness of presentation

Presentation is not completed when due.

Presentation is completed when due.


Grading rubric for the Discussion Forums 

You should plan to check in to the Discussion board to post and respond to new postings several times a week.



Full credit

Quality of postings

Postings are not relevant to the question assignments.

Postings reflect the readings and lecture topic focus. Use of critical thinking/real world application is evident.

Quantity of postings

Responds to the question posted and one of the following:

  • neglects to respond to any postings OR
  • dominates the thread with excessive postings

Responds to at least one other participant.


Timeliness of posts

Posts meet the other criteria but are posted at the end of the week when class discussions have moved on to other topics.

Responses occur early enough in the week to allow others to provide feedback and contribute to the discussion in a timely manner.


Grading rubric for Reflections writings



Full credit

Focus of writing

Writings are not relevant to the assignment.

Writings reflect the readings and lecture topic focus. Use of critical thinking/real world application is evident.

Quality of writing

Responds to the question and one of the following:

  • Writings lack correct English usage or
  • Writings are vague and lack support to back ideas


  • Writings are grammatically well written and
  • Ideas are expressed clearly with strong support

Timeliness of writing

Assignments are submitted late.

Assignments submitted on time.





email Email: Don Nickel
Phone: 408.864.5423
Office: RSS 240




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