Short Writing Assignment 2

Note: This assignment description is under construction. We will generate keywords in class on Friday, May 2.

Due Monday, May 5

2-3 Pages, Typed, Double-Spaced, and Stapled.

In this assignment (which is not requiring you to write an essay) you will write about the country that you selected to do research about earlier in the class. Write one-paragraph answers for each of the following questions:

  1. Are there significant numbers of people who leave? Do they leave as emmigrants, students, or guest workers? What countries do people go to? What are some key moments in the history of emmigration? 
  2. Are there significant numbers of people who move there? Are the people who move to the country immigrants or guest workers? Are significant numbers undocumented? What are some key moments in the history of immigration?
  3. Is there a time since 1965 when a natural disaster displaced many people in the place? Have people moved to the place as a result of a natural disaster?

Number your paragraphs. Do not worry about writing an introduction, a conclusion, or transitions. You are not writing an essay for this assignment.

You will not receive credit if you do not include adequate documentation. Use MLA-format (search the Purdue Owl for "Sample MLA Works Cited Page" and "MLA In-text Citations").

Keywords for searches:

Japan: Emmigration, immigration, diaspora, nikkei, refugee, foreign labor, guest worker, undocumented

Mexico: Immigrants, border, history of immigrants in Mexico, Mexico census, immigrants Guatemala, Central America, natural disasters, population, earthquakes, hurricanes, draughts, diaspora

Brazil: Diaspora, immigration, discrimination, disaster, earthquakes

Peru: Immigration, political corruption

Chile: Diaspora in Chile, Immigration/ emigration in chile, Earthquakes and tsunami aftermaths in chile, Discrimination in Chile, Employment and unemployment in chile

Philippines: Philippine diaspora, immigration rates, reasons why people leave the Philippines, history of natural disasters, immigration status in the Philippines

China: Overseas Chinese, Chinese diaspora, immigrants, guest workers, students, Chinese immigration, People immigrating to China, list of natural disasters


New Orleans: New Orleans population, bases of immigration, source, what kind of people immigrate to New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina, Diaspora

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