Short Writing Assignment 1

Due Monday, April 14

2-3 Pages, Typed, Double-Spaced, and Stapled.

In this assignment (which is not requiring you to write an essay) you will write one-paragraph answers for each of the following questions:

  1. What are the major turning points in the history of the country you selected? Focus on the period from 1492 up to the present. When were the current borders of the country formed? When did the country adopt its current form of government?
  2. What are the major geographical regions of the country?
  3. In the present, how is the society divided? For example, is immigration status significant? Are indigenous peoples an oppressed minority?
  4. Is income inequality within the society increasing, remaining the same, or decreasing?

Number your paragraphs. Do not worry about writing an introduction, a conclusion, or transitions. You are not writing an essay for this assignment.

You should consult at least two sources. Do not use the CIA Factbook. Wikipedia can be one of your sources.

You will not receive credit if you do not include adequate documentation. Use MLA-format (search the Purdue Owl for "Sample MLA Works Cited Page" and "MLA In-text Citations").

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