Frequently Asked Questions about ICS 7 / Spch 7 - Intercultural Communication

Q: I noticed this course is cross registered with Speech (Spch 7). What does that mean?
 ICS 07 and Spch 07 are the same course, Intercultural Communication. You can sign up for either one, depending on what type of credits you need, but you can't take ICS 07 and then Spch 07 and receive credit twice. It's the same course.

Q: Will I have to give a lot of speeches?
A: There is one required presentation, which you will do with a student partner. You and your partner will choose from several presentation topics and will present one aspect of intercultural communication. The presentations include skits and class participation. The emphasis is on content, and we will not study public speaking techniques, but you should practice ahead of time, speak clearly, and finish within the time limit. The presentations are informal and interactive.

Q: Will there be a lot of reading and other assignments?
A. There is one reading per unit (7 units total) - typically 15-20 printed pages in length. You will prepare an an answer to one question (from a number of choices) for each unit of study. You will also work with a partner to develop a short, interactive presentation including skits. There will be 1-2 midterms and a Final Exam. The final "Key Learnings Paper will summarize your experience working with a partner of a different cultural background, and your key insights and learnings from the course. Instructions and score sheets, and sometimes examples, are provided for all assignments so you'll know what's expected.

Q: I'm a Nursing student. Do you provide information about intercultural communication in the Health Care field?
Yes, the class will be split for one unit, with a choice of IC in Education and IC in Health Care. In addition, all students will practice speaking to someone who is just learning English, as well as understanding cultural differences in listening and clarifying skills. The ability to communicate effectively with English language learners is especially critical for health care providers.

Q: I'm still learning English (it's my second language). Will I be able to do well in this class?
 I have been an ESL teacher for over 20 years so I have a good sense of what your challenges may be. The readings are college level and fluent students may speak quickly, so taking initiative to clarify as needed will really help you do well. There is time during the evening meetings to check with fellow students, or with me, if you have questions, and I am easily reached online. A majority of the International Students who have taken this course have earned A's. In the end, though, only you can decide whether you understand the class meeting discussions, the online discussions (if you enroll in the distance learning version), and the readings well enough to earn a good grade.

Q: Is the on-line (distance learning) section a self-paced course?
A: To some extent. You do have some flexibility since you can log on to the website from home, work or school, but you will need to log on at least every three days to complete the required assignments. Also, the 6 Friday evening on-campus meetings are not optional.

Q: Can we watch the on-line (distance learning) course on TV?
A: No. The distance learning section is web-based (on-line). This means that you access the on line portion by logging on to a special website via the Internet, so you do need Internet access. There are links from the course website to the online weekly Discussions, an online Calendar, Tests and so on. At the first class meeting the Instructor will demonstrate how to access and use the course website (it is password protected and accessible only by registered students). Each quarter there are some students who have never taken an online course before, but the navigation is simple and clear and students rarely have any difficulty getting started.

Q: Can I do the orientation for the on-line (distance learning) section on line?
A: No. There is no online orientation for the distance learning section of ICS / Spch 7. Keep in mind that this section is only 51% distance learning. It is a true hybrid. You must attend ALL 6 scheduled on-campus class meetings for the full 3.5 hours each. Students who do not attend the on-campus meetings will be dropped from the course. You will receive logon instructions at the first class meeting.

There is no required work to be done before the first on-campus meeting.

Q: How can I get in contact with you with further questions?

If you have other questions about the course, please feel free to E-mail me. See Biography link on the left menu to access my contact information.


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