Piper McNulty - Intercultural Studies

Intercultural Communication Online Education Course (ICS/Spch 7)

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(some of the Spring '06 class)

This section is 50% on-campus, 50% online (via the Internet). The class meets on campus for 21 hours total, instead of 42).

Fall, 2009: The six (6) Thursday required meeting dates will be: September 24, October 8, 22, November 5, 19, and December 3. The class meets from 6:00 to 9:40 PM.

There is no online orientation. Attendance at all 6 class meetings is required.

It is anticipated that all wait-listed and adding students who attend the first evening class for the entire period (6:00 - 9:40 pm) WILL be added to the class.


  • Course Packet (CP) for McNulty, ICS/Spch 7, Intercultural Communication. The CP will cost around $10.00. It is not sold through the De Anza Bookstore. Purchase information will be announced at the first meeting.
  • NO TEXT BOOK is needed for this course. All the readings will be online or in handouts.

For the online portion of the course, students will log onto the course website using a computer at home, work or school. Navigation of the online Catalyst course will be briefly demonstrated at the first meeting (I will also assist students 1:1 by phone as needed). Catalyst navigation is very user-friendly and easy to learn. High speed Internet access is recommended, though not essential.

For the on-campus portion (the 6 evening meetings) students will practice intercultural communication skills and give presentations demonstrating preferred communication behaviors in various cultures).

Regular attendance at the 6 on-campus meetings and regular online participation (at least 2-3 times a week) are required. This course is highly interactive. It covers knowledge, attitude and skills. Much of your learning will come from your interaction with other students. Do not register for this course if you anticipate being off line for extended periods during the quarter, if your work/school schedule will not allow you to work online, by phone or in person with another student (your presentation partner) or if you anticipate having to miss any of the on-campus meetings.

On line activities:
  • Discuss course topics
    • Each online asynchronic discussion runs for 7 days (5 days in Summer) and is open 24 hours /day)
  • Take review quizzes, Tests and Final Exam
    • Tests run for 4 days (Final runs for 3 days in Summer) and are open 24 hours / day.)
  • Link to online readings
  • Check your grades
  • Receive Instructor updates and tips and get feedback on assignments
On campus activities:  
  • Video analysis
  • Presentations in student pairs (including skits and Q&A with class)
  • Skills practice, including...
    • Culturally influenced group discussion styles
    • Talking with English language learners
    • Interrupting prejudice
    • Coaching others to interact effectively with people of your cultural background

 For information on course topics, link to "Welcome" (upper left corner)

Contact email Email: Piper McNulty
Phone: 408.202-9416
11: 30 - noon,
outside MLC 113
T  11:30 - noon,
in MLC 260
By appointment in MCC, Pod 6

Intercultural Studies


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