Amy Leonard - English






English 1A: Winter 2014

 Required Books:

1. EWRT 1A Course Reader by Amy Leonard

2. The Easy Writer by Andrea Lunsford

3. The Walking Dead, Book One by Robert Kirkman

4. The Walking Dead, Book Two by Robert Kirkman



  1. Write a unified, focused, and analytical essay based on a thesis
  2. Use specific and concrete details to support your thesis
  3. Organize details in a pattern logically related to the thesis
  4. Create introductions, transitions, and conclusions
  5. Practice writing as a multi-step process with particular attention to planning and revision
  6. Identify and practice writing for different audiences and purposes
  7. Compose organized and developed essays that increase in complexity
  8. Proofread for recurrent word usage and sentence-level errors
  9. Find your writing voice
  10. Have fun :)


Your grade for the course will be based on the following points:

  • Essay #1 Interview on a Defining Moment & Folder Materials (150 Points)
  • Essay #2: Evaluating a Weekend Activity & Folder Materials (125 Points)
  • Essay #3: Walking Dead Analysis & Pre-Writing
    Journals(125 Points)
  • Essay #4: Taking a Stand on Standard English (125)
  • Essay #5: The Visual Paper on Global Issues Source List
    & Prezi & Pre-Writing Journals (100 Points)
  • Essay #6: Reflective Essay & Final Portfolio (100 Points)
  • Quizzes on all readings (75 points)
  • In-Class Activities: attendance, small-group work, class discussion, and debates (125 points)



Grades will be awarded on an A-F scale. A CR/NC option is NOT available! Your grade will be calculated using the following weighted system:

A+: 100-97

B+: 89-87

C+: 79-77

D: 60-69

F: 0-59

A: 97-94%

B: 86-84

C: 76-74




B-: 83-80

C-: 70-73




If you wish to challenge a grade or discuss a grade, you must wait 48 hours until after the grade and you must provide a typed 1-2pg letter explaining:

  • (1) why you feel the grade was incorrect,
  • (2) what revision/opportunity you would like to be granted and how that fits with the syllabus policies
  • (3) when in the space of the quarter, you would complete the revision/opportunity.

Common Worksheets you may need:

 Essay #1: Defining Moment Interview Essay

Essay Grade Sheets

WRC Assignment

25 Reasons Writing is Like Sex

6 Essay Writing Lies They Taught You in School

Shitty First Drafts

Team Grade Sheet for Debates and Presentations


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