CD 53 - Creative Art for the Young Child

This class provides an opportunity to learn about the visual, creative arts and the creative process through hands-on experiences with a variety of activities appropriate for children aged two and a half through five years.

We explore the theories of creativity and how they relate to child development theories like Piaget, the value of creative thought and it's role in cognition, reflect on our own creative process and abilities, and learn how to create a classroom and atmosphere for young children that encourages creative exploration and self-expression. 

But mostly, we will just play - with paint, collage, clay, sensory materials and other interesting media. The principles learned about young children and creativity are applicable to any age. Think of it this way: a toddler scribbles with crayons, exploring and learning what's appropriate for their age. Additionally, crayons can be used by adults to produce striking works of art.

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