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Laura Karst - French

French 1: Elementary French, 1st Quarter

This 5-unit course is designed for students who have never studied French before.

Success in the class will be achieved through DAILY attendance, Monday through Friday, AND by studying outside of class for one hour every day. If you can make that time commitment, this class will not be too difficult, and you will feel very gratified as you see how well you are able to communicate in basic French.

The textbook for French 1 is Vis-à-vis5th edition, by Amon, Muyskens & Omaggio Hadley, McGraw-Hill, 2011**. French 1 covers chapters 1 through 6. If you continue in French 2 and 3 the following quarters, you will work on chapters 7 through 11, and then 12 through 16. This textbook is good for a whole year -- remember that when you pay for it!

**NOTE: As of Fall 2014, all French 1 classes at De Anza College use the 6th edition (pink cover) of Vis-à-vis. French 2 and 3 still use the 5th edition (blue cover).

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