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A Single Shard

Resources for A Single Shard
Pottery making is important in the novel, A Single Shard. Take a look at some of the following resources to find out more about the art of making celadon pottery. Please suggest other resources that will help to fill in the details of life in Korea at the time of the novel.

1. About Korean Celadon
This is a good website to learn more about the art of making celadon pottery in Korea and its history. There are some good photos of the art work too.

2. Wikepedia History of Celadon

3. About the Art of Making Celadon and its Master Potters

4. Linda Sue Park's Website

5. Expert Village
How to make slip for use in pottery making. The potter in this video series speaks clearly as he demonstrates the techniques of making pottery.

6. 5. Korean Celadon Pottery
A good site to learn about the history and the making of Korean pottery. There are good photographs here too.

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Last Updated: 4/25/16