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Almost A Woman

By May 2 (earlier if possible), I will ask you to choose a research topic related to your reading of Kindred. After you choose the topic you want to research, I will match you with 2-3 other students who are interested in the same topic. Group presentations will be scheduled for the last two weeks of the quarter when you finish your reading of the novel.

Presentation Topics Chosen by 72 Students in the Past:
•Black Leaders (Past and Present)
•Slave Stories and Life on the plantation in the 1800s.
•The Ku Klux Clan
•History of Slavery in the United States (the early days)
•Slavery in the 21st Century
•The Slave Trade
•The Abolitionists (Slave Revolts and Resistance)

•Other Ideas?
Don't feel that you have to choose one of the topics listed above. You decide what you most want to learn more about! There are many possible choices-including a presentation on the life and work of Octavia Butler or a discussion of racism or gender discrimination not listed above.

I hope you find the following online resources useful as you begin to explore the ideas of Octavia Butler's novel, Kindred. Please share the useful websites that you discover with our online discussion group and I will add your links to my page:

1. Octavia E. Butler: Homepage
Find out more about the author's life and work. The site includes a Public Radio interview with the author.

2. Born In Slavery
Slave narratives from the Federal Writers' Project presented by The Library of Congress.

3. The Encyclopedia Britannica's Guide to Black History
There is a wealth of material here to explore!

4. The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
This website sponsored by the New York Public Library is very well done with comprehensive resources.

5. The African American Journey: From Slavery to Freedom

6. 21st Century Slaves @National Geographic

7. Timeline of the Key Events in the American Women's Rights Movement

8. Civil Rights in America 1942-1968

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