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Guillermo Hernandez - Business

BUS 70 - Principles of eBusiness

Professor: Guillermo A. (Willie) Hernandez
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Personal eMail:
Quarter/Year: Fall 2017
Course Section: BUS -070.-62Z
CRN: 2467
Cell Phone: 408-313-5822
Course: Principles of eBusiness
Sections: 1 
Course Duration: 12 weeks
Location: Online Flexible
Office Hours: Fridays 2:00 PM, PST
Times: Online Flexible


Course Description: 
This course will introduce you to many marketing uses of the Internet. Featured are both discussions of E-Commerce strategy (equivalent to 2 credits) and practice with a web based eBusiness development and launch skills (equivalent to 1 credit). Projects range from solving e-commerce related problems to implementing an eBubusiness for consumer goods.

Course Objectives: 

The course covers the theory and practice of effectively conducting and managing business over the Internet. Also provides insights into e-business models, strategy, technology, auctions, and marketing. Students are expected to complete computer assignments

Main Learning Outcomes:

  • Analyze and evaluate e-commerce business models including Business to Consumers (B2C), Business to Business ( B2B), Peer to Peer ( P2P), and other important models.
  • Compare and contrast e-commerce marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Identify the technologies, physical and logical and workflows design components required to implement a successful eCommerce website.  

Text and Materials:


Kenneth C. Laudon,  E-Commerce, 9 th ed, 2013. Prentice Hall.

ISBN-10: 0132730359
ISBN-13: 9780132730358

Course Syllabus:

Provided online in the Canvas online class. Or request a copy to the instructor email shown above. 

The online class is delived using the De Anza Canvas system. If you are not familiar with the Canvas system you can take an orientation class. For the Fall 2017 you can register to take the following session:

Canvas Orientation for Fall 2017 students - located in MLC 255
Tue. Sept. 26 | 4:30-5:30pm
Fri. Sept. 29 | 12:30-1:30pm

You can access the Canvas system for the online via the De Anza MyPortal usng this link:

You can also access the Canvas System directly using:

In both cases you login using your De Anza ID and single access credentials.

email icon Email: Guillermo Hernandez
phone icon Phone: 408.313.5822 




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