------- SPRING 2018 ------- 

Late start American Government and Politics (POLI 01)

Online, no on campus attendance.

Since this course has already filled to capacity, students on the Wait List ("List") will automatically move into 'enrolled' slots if/when currently enrolled students drop.    The only way to  possibly ADD is to get on the "List" - please go to MyPortal for this purpose. 

IF on the first day of classes there are seats still open,  an ADD CODE (based on priority order from the "List"), will be sent out no later than NOON of the second day of classes.   IF on the "List" and you do not receive a CODE by the above time/day, sorry, but not accepting any additional adds for this class.

CRN:  45863  POLI001.68Z  (Heffner) May 21st - June 29th, 2018

FOR AN OVERVIEW OF THE COURSE [including textbook info], PLEASE GO HERE:

original digital painting
Cooling Trend (Jan 2018)

digital painting
 Survival Tips - A Rain That Can Never Fall (Sept 2017)
Broken Arrow is an accidental firing. detonation, stolen or lost 
nuclear weapon - it has happened more than once.


Email: Scott Heffner

Office Hours None, but do contact me via email above.

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