Business 96

Principles of Management

Online Course Overview and Syllabus
Spring 2015  - 5 Units
Michele Fritz
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Course Objectives:

The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to the roles and responsibilities of managers in organizations.  The class emphasizes experiential learning and self inquiry to explore the job of a manager, including the managerial environment, the four functions of management (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling), decision-making, effective communications, and management ethics.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, you should be able to:
  1. Examine the functions of planning, organizing, leading, staffing and controlling.
  2. Evaluate and anticipate the potential effectiveness of various management styles, communications, and decisions for a given situation.


You may use the 5th edition if absolutely necessary and if you are willing to accept responsibility for its limitations. First, the organization of the textbook has radically changed since the 5th edition. Therefore, if you choose this option you should be prepared to hunt for the correct reading assignments using the title, because the page numbers listed in the course are for the 6th edition.  Also, it is possible that your 5th textbook may not contain the answers for a few of the concepts covered on tests.  It does contain all the same exercises that we will be using for written assignments.

Course Requirements:

Discussion Rubric - All Criteria Listed Have Equal Importance
Criteria Superior work Satisfactory Work Needs Improvement
Completeness All questions posed in the assignment are fully answered and  justified.  All directions have been followed.  Course concepts are used correctly and in relevant situations. All questions posed in the assignment are fully answered but some explanations may be brief. Course concepts may mentioned. Some of the assigned questions are skipped or ignored. Course concepts may be applied incorrectly, or without attention to the context.
Originality Adds significant, new, and substantiated ideas to the discussion and demonstrates that posts from others have been reviewed prior to posting.  Adds a new idea to the chosen discussion topic and demonstrates that posts from others have been been reviewed. Enhances or further explains an idea that has already been mentioned in the discussion forum.
Timeliness Posts fully in the discussion by the deadline. Posts up to a week after the deadline.  Note that students posting late will not be given a choice of discussions. Posts more than a week late.  Note that students posting late will not be given a choice of discussions.
Professionalism Writing is professional, clear and easy to read, with proper grammar and punctuation. Posts are generally clear but may contain occasional grammatical errors or typos. Posts are difficult to understand due to grammatical & stylistic problems.
Reflection Reports Rubric
Criteria Superior work Satisfactory Work Needs Improvement
Completeness and Depth of Reflection The directions and questions posed have been fully addressed and explained or justified.  Evidence of deep thought demonstrated. Assignment was brief.  Questions were considered, but depth of thought is not evident for all questions. Assignment was incomplete.  Report shows superficial attention to questions.
Professionalism Writing is clear and easy to read, containing proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Writing is generally clear but contains some grammatical errors or typos. Writing is difficult to understand.
Application of Course concepts All course concepts, terms, and/or methods are applied correctly. Most course concepts, terms, and/or methods are applied correctly. Only minor errors are evident in the work. Course concepts, terms, and/or methods are applied incorrectly several times in the work.

Lesson Plan:

Week #
 Class Topic
What is Management?
The Global Managerial Environment
Planning and Strategy
Exam1 and Decision-Making
Organizational Structure
Human Resource Management and Change
Managing Individuals
Exam2 and Motivation
Fostering Teamwork and Communicating
Leadership and Control
Review and Course Wrap-Up
Final Exam.

Tips for Success:

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Dropping the Class:

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