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Welcome to my home page. My name is Al Dominguez and I'm a Counselor at De Anza College. I've created this Web site for the benefit of all students, those aspiring to join any of DeAnza's student support programs, and other students and staff who may wish to use the links and information I have posted.

My intent is for this web site to facilitate student progress at our excellent community college.

  • I began working at De Anza College around 21 years ago when I was hired as an Academic Advisor for the ASP (A Starting Point) minority transfer program. The ASP program evolved into the STARS (Student Transfer Academic Retention Services) program, which eventually combined with other programs that were similar in nature, and the result of this merger is the current Student Success and Retention Services (SSRS) program.
  • My involvement in these various programs provided me with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills which facilitated entering a position as a faculty EOPS Counselor. I was proud to be part of a dedicated team of EOPS/CARE professionals committed to assisting the program's students. Now I've relocated to the General Counseling Department and as a faculty Counselor I am committed to Counseling/Advising our general population of students toward achieving success at De Anza College.
While counseling and advising De Anza students over the years, many times I have noted that students are not yet ready to select a major or a career. Even though they are now in college they often haven not clarified their educational and career goals. They are also frequently uncertain about what they can do with certain majors. For instance, if they major in Biology it doesn't mean that they need to become Biologists but can look into the different aspects of the Biology field such as medicine, dentistry, or cell research.

One way students can become more informed about majors and careers is by exploring the "Occupational Outlook Handbook" (OOH). This tool has helped many college students seek academic and occupational information.

Please open and view the "Undecided Student" link in the left hand column of this web page to find out more information to help you decide on your major and career. EXPLORE the newest website I have posted that helps students with making their plan and getting even more details on the campus they select, also how to submit an application for admissions and/or financial aid.




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Last Updated: 1/23/13