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Roberta Bloom - Mathematics

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Introduction to Calculator Worksheet - 6 points
This assignment is due in class on the last day of the first week
(Friday of Week 1 for class meeting 5 days per week)
Print this worksheet and hand in at the start of class on the due date

Chapter Note Outlines - outlines for notes for examples discussed in class are below
Students should bring notes to class for each chapter to have examples and data available as we work and to use to take notes in class as we work through the examples to learn the concepts and skills.

Some chapters have 2 links to the file.  If it has 2 links, then

  • the first link is a "text pdf" file created from the original word document and the second link is an "image pdf" created from a scan of the word document. 
  • The links to "text pdf" are smaller in size.
  • But if you have problems with nonsense characters printing in equations (or random small boxes printing) instead of appropriate math characters then use the "image pdf"  to get accurate printouts of equations. The image files are larger but are pictures of the notes so will avoid any problems with math characters printing incorrectly.  

Chapter 1 Notes  Introduction to Statistics  | Text pdf Image pdf

Chapter 2 Notes   Descriptive Statistics  |  Text pdfImage pdf |

Chapter 3 Notes  Probability |  Text pdf | Image pdf |

Chapter 4 Notes  Discrete Probability & Binomial Distribution  |Text pdf | Image pdf  |

Chapter 5 Notes  Continuous Probability : Uniform & Exponential  | Text pdf  | Image pdf  |

Chapter 6 Notes The Normal Distribution  | Text pdf  |  Image pdf  |

Chapter 7 Notes Central Limit Theorem   | Text pdf    | Image pdf   |

Chapter 8 Notes Confidence Interval Estimates means & proportions  | Text pdf   | Image pdf  |

Chapter 9 Notes Hypothesis Tests - means & proportions - 1 sample |  Text pdf  |  Image pdf  |

        Chapter 9 SOLUTION SHEETS for Hypothesis  Tests (1 sample)  |  Text pdf  | Image pdf  |

 Chapter 10 Notes Hypothesis Tests - means & proportions - 2 samples |  Text pdf  |  Image pdf  |

       Chapter 10 SOLUTION SHEETS for Hypothesis tests (2 samples) | Text pdf   | Image pdf  |

Chapter 11 Notes Chi Square Distribution - Goodness of Fit and Independence pdf

Chapter 12 Notes Linear Regression and Correlation | Text pdf   |  Image pdf  |

Chapter 13 Notes Analysis of Variance pdf


VIDEOS created by various instructors to accompany this textbook may be found at the links below.

Videos for Problem Solving by Prof Larry Green at Lake Tahoe Community College



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