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Robert Alexander - Counseling 

HUMA 20: Life Skills for Higher Education (Lecture)

  • 4 Units
  • Hours: Four hours lecture (48 hours total per quarter)
  • UC/CSU-Transferrable Course: 
    Meets the General Education requirements for:
    CSU GE Area E: Lifelong Learning & Self Development
Schedule: Fall 2012
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English Writing 211 and Reading 211 (or Language Arts 211), or English as a Second Language 272 and 273.

Course Description

Addresses a multitude of life skills and strategies for success, with emphasis on attaining professional, personal and academic goals in a diverse society. Topics covered include creative and realistic goal setting, academic and life management, cultural learning styles, college and community resources, library and Internet use, time management, and techniques to reduce math and science anxiety. Evaluation and application of academic study methods to achieve subject matter mastery. Development of critical thinking skills, and application of reading, writing, note taking and test taking methods to improve personal strategies. Exploration of personal lifestyle and health factors, including the causes and management of stress, as it relates to academic success. Assessment of academic and career goals, selection of majors, and development of education plans. Topics from developmental psychology, learning theory and personality theory will be presented as a foundation for the course.

Course Syllabus/Assignments

Course Syllabus | Utilizing Student Services Assignment

Extra Credit Opportunities: 
For each opportunity attended, you will receive 10 extra credit points.  In order to receive the credit, you must attend the whole event and write a 300-500 word essay on the event.  The essay must include the following:
1) A brief description of the event
2) How can you apply this event to your student success.   

Quarter  Topics (subject to change)                 

Week 1:


Chapter 1: Habits for Success: Reality Check  
M: Intro/Expectations/HD20 Topics/Course Syllabus
T: Transition to College/Student Services

W: Student Services/E-mail Etiquette/Online Resources

R: Exchanging Information/Changing Habits

Week 2:


Chapter 2: Learning Styles: Building & Using Self-Knowledge
T: Learning Style

W: Personality Spectrum

R: Classroom/Study/Technology/Workplace Choices

    Learning Disability

Week 3:


Chapter 4: Setting & Reaching Goals: 
Using Values, Stress Management, & Teamwork 
M:Goal Setting

T:Stress Management    

W: SMART Achievement Plan

R:Team Building

Week 4:


Chapter 3: Time & Money: Managing Important Resources

M: Group Presentation Info/Money Management

T: Financial Aid/Credit Cards

W: Time Management

R: Exam #1 on Chapter 1-4 (Pink ParSCORE Scantron)

Week 5:


Chapter 10: Test Taking I: Test Preparation & Objective Test
M: Review Exam 1

T: Test Preparation

W: Cramming / Test Anxiety / Strategies for Test Success

R: Master Objective Test Questions / Learn from Test Mistakes

Week 6:


Chapter 11: Test Taking II: Getting Results on Essay Tests 
& Graded Projects

M: Essay Test

T: Effective Team Presentations

Chapter 6: Memory: Maximizing Recall for Test Success

W: Memory / Improving Memory / Memory Recalling 

R: Memory Recalling (continue)

Week 7:


Chapter 5: Critical & Creative Thinking; Solving Problems 
& Making Decisions
T: Critical vs Creative Thinking
W: Decision Making

R:  Problem Solving

Week 8:


Chapter 9: Active Listening & Note Taking: Taking In & Recording Information
M: Active Listening

T: Note Taking

W: Make the Most of Class Notes / Class & Text Notes

R: Exam #2 - Chapters 5, 6, 9, 10, 11 

Week 9:


Group Presentations Week

Week 10:


Chapter 7: Reading & Studying: Focusing on Print & Online Materials
T: Improve Reading Comprehension

W: Highlighting & Note Taking


Chapter 8: Reading Across the Disciplines: 
Math, Science, Social Science, & Literary Texts

R: Reading Math & Science Texts

Week 11:


M: Reading Social Science & Humanities Texts 
T: Read Visual Aids / Read Works of Literature


Chapter 12: Moving Toward Success: Putting Habits to Work 

W: Habits for Success

R: Habits Power Successful Future

Week 12:



T: HUMA 20 FINAL - Chapters 7, 8, 12 

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