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Analyzing a Famous Speech


Prepare a four-to-six minute speech analyzing one of the 100 top speeches that appear on the American Rhetoric Web site (

No visual aids are permitted for this speaking assignment.

Prepare a full-preparation outline and submit it to the instructor before your presentation. You should have an introduction, body, a conclusion, and a reference section. (View the full-preparation outline on the instructor's Web site.)

The goal of this speech is to critique a famous speech, inform the audience about the speaker's background, location, purpose and goals of the speech, and the impact of the speech (

Let the audience know why you selected your speech, what you learned from reading/listening to the speech, and what you learned about the speaker.

Deliver your remarks extemporaneously, establish eye contact, adhere to the time limit, and use 4 x 6 note cards.

Provide one verbal citation and list that citation in the body of your full-preparation outline and in the reference section.

Be prepared to respond to questions following your presentation.

In order to avoid duplication of speeches, students should e-mail the instructor at with the speech that has been selected for delivery by Monday, February 5th at 12 Noon.

Five points will be deducted for late submissions.  

This speech is worth thirty-points and the full-preparation outline is worth five-points. 





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