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Speech 1

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Speech is the image of life.         -Democritus

FINAL GRADES Winter 2016
9:30 class
11:30 class

Winter 2016 Syllabus

Public Speaking Documents"

Extra Credit (Please complete by January 13th at 5PM)

Extra Credit Instructions to students:


You did the Personal Report of Communication Apprehension (PRCA-24) during the first few weeks of the quarter. Having taken the speech class, we want you to help us assess your current level of communication apprehension by doing a post test of the same survey.


The results of this PRCA-24 survey will be used primarily to help improve instructional activities and student learning. ALL STUDENT INFORMATION INCLUDED IN THIS SURVEY IS CONFIDENTIAL.


You should easily be able to complete the survey in 15 minutes or less. The procedure and survey are identical as the first one you took. There are three additional, free form questions.


You can access the survey at:


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Thank you for your participation.


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Sample Self-review

Speech 1 Course Description

Public Speaking is a hands-on practical class that provides an introduction to the theory, basic principles, and methods of effective public speaking.  In this class, we emphasize development and delivery of speeches and presentation to be delivered in front of an audience.  Further, we focus on rhetorical analysis of speeches and arguments.

I believe that true learning only comes about when everyone is involved and interested in the material being presented.  Our class will consist of a combination of lectures, discussions, group activities, projects, and speeches.  Through constructive feedback, we will all have the opportunity to teach and help each other.  I encourage you to use this course to explore and broaden your world view.  Challenge yourself and explore issues that matter to you.

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Communication Studies

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