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Matt Abrahams - Communication Studies

Speech Communication Majors and Certificates

WELCOME!  This page is designed to help you learn more about an AA degree and/or Certificate of Achievement in Speech Communication.

Degree and Certification Requirements
*If you were continuously enrolled at De Anza (no quarters missed) prior to the 2008-2009 school year, different Degree and Certificate requirements exist.

AA Degree Process
To apply for an AA Degree in Speech Communication, follow the process below:

(1) Meet with a counselor to confirm you have completed all of your AA required General Education (GE) coursework.

(2) Meet with a Speech Communication full-time instructor to discuss your area of specialization.

(3) Complete a Speech Communication AA Degree application and letter (both are submitted together to one of the Speech Department Co-Chairs...see below).  Your application lists your Speech Communication coursework and your letter identifies and explains your area of concentration.  **Be sure to include your student ID on both your application and letter**

   Application forms (complete only one)
     -Enrollment at De Anza began in 2008-2009 or after
     -Continuous enrollment at De Anza started prior to 2008-2009 

   Sample letters
     -Sample Letter #1
     -Sample Letter #2
     -Sample Letter #3

(4) Your application and letter will be reviewed at a monthly Speech Department meeting.  You will be notified if your application has been accepted or needs to be revised.  If accepted, a letter of acceptance will be written and provided to you.

(4) You take your letter of acceptance to Counseling to complete your AA Degree filing.

If you have any questions, please contact De Anza's Speech Department's Co-Chairs:

Donna Stasio:
Matt Abrahams:

email icon Email: Matt Abrahams
phone icon Phone: 408.864.8534

Communication Studies

Last Updated: 4/20/16