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Matt Abrahams - Communication Studies

Effective Writing and Communication


One cannot not communicate.         -Anonymous

Effective Communication Skills is a hands-on, practical class that will help students develop their writing, reading, presentation and critical/creative thinking skills. In this course, we will study concepts and theories relevant to literature search skills and how to use information technology, write papers using APA style, create power point presentations and deliver compelling oral reports.  In addition to preparing for their final projects to be completed in May, students will create a class portfolio which will include a personal statement, resume, and final project plan.

I believe that true learning only occurs when everyone is involved and interested in the material presented.  Our class will consist of a combination of lectures, discussions, group activities, projects, and presentations.  Through constructive feedback, we will all have the opportunity to teach and help each other.  I encourage you to use this course to explore and broaden your world view.  Please, challenge yourself and explore issues that matter to you.

Winter 2012 Schedule

Sample Results & Discussion Sections from last year's seniors

-Sample 1

-Sample 2

Final Project Outline Form


Methodology Write Up

Final Project Details

Outline Format


-APA Style Guide Tutorial

-APA Study Example

-APA Basics (MS Doc)

-APA Corrected Sample

Personal Statement

Type a grammatically correct personal statement of at least 500 words that explains your desire to continue your education.  Be sure to explain your educational goals and how you intend to fulfill them.  Be sure to use concepts from "Made to Stick."

Writing a personal statement

Sample personal statements

Literature Review

Literature Review Assignment

How to write a literature review

Sample literature review with annotations

Methodology section

-Description of Methodology section

-Sample Methodology section


Project Management Article


Your review needs to be typed, grammatically correct and at least 200 words.  Please see this sample.  You should provide the following information:

(1)     Feelings about doing the interview

(2)     Two strengths (hopefully one about delivery and the other content)

(3)     Two areas of improvement (hopefully one about delivery and the other content)

(4)     Two specific actions that you will take to make your interviews better.  These are not to be repeated from the items above.

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Communication Studies

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