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We offer an AA Degree as well as two vocational Certificates (Certificate of Achievement (COA) and Certificate of Achievement-Advanced (COAA) ) in Wildlife Science.

Students are trained in Wildlife Science Technology including the scientific principles of environmental science, biodiversity and ecology, corridor ecology, landscape ecology and ecosystem (adaptive) management. Students can apply these principles and theory of wildlife science to assist in the preservation, protection and restoration of native species and ecosystems.

Upon completion, students are prepared for employment as Wildlife Science Technicians in a  range of positions and settings, including working for:

  • Government Agencies (Federal/State/Local)
  • Non-Profit Organizations/Public Interest Groups
  • Professional Consulting Firms

Students earning the AA degree can also seek to transfer to colleges and universities offering Bachelor's degree programs in Wildlife Science and/or Environmental Studies and Environmental Science.

      WST Degree & Certificate "Spec Sheet", 2017-18 (PDF)
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NOTE: The introductory course for the WST major is ESCI 20 (Intro to Biodiversity).

Alicia De Toro, Program Coordinator & Lead Instructor

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Wildlife Science Program
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