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Become an EO Representative!

We are looking for EO Reps to help facilitate our equity, social justice, and multicultural education commitment across the campus. EO Reps can serve the campus in a number of ways, which include but are not limited to the following:

Hiring Committee EO Rep

 -  Equity Divisional Liaisons

Equity Action Council Member

If you are interested in serving on hiring committees you will need to attend the EO Level 1: Hiring committee overview training. EO Reps serving in this capacity are invited to serve on hiring committees and also have opportunities for ongoing professional development and update meetings throughout the duration of service. EO Reps are strongly encouraged to also participate in the EO Level 2 training on equity advocacy.  EO refresher courses are offered quarterly.

 Why do we need EO Reps for hiring committees?

 De Anza is committed to a hiring process that is both equitable and equal for all. In order to ensure fairness, EO Reps help facilitate the process, identify potentially biased processes, and help hold accountable the committee to best practices in fair hiring. 

 The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights/The Leadership Conference Education Fund summarizes the need for EO Reps as follows:  Equal opportunity hiring representatives and the processes involved are designed to ensure a fair chance at job opportunities through:

  • Identifying and dismantling discriminatory barriers such as biased testing or recruitment and hiring practices
  • Conducting outreach to under-represented women and minorities by targeting colleges, ethnic media, or women and minority organizations
  • Instituting and reviewing mentoring and targeted training programs for new hires
  • Addressing hidden biases in recruitment, hiring, promotion and compensation practices, such as unnecessary job requirements
  • Setting flexible goals for managers and supervisors

 De Anza is deeply committed to hiring for more than just content expertise.

 De Anza is committed to a faculty and staff community that has knowledge, skills, and abilities in the practice of equity, in addition to their content or job mastery.

 Equity applies not only to student success but to the success of every employee within the institution. It addresses differential outcomes and practices that result in marginalizing some while privileging others. In terms of teaching and learning, it is essential that our faculty and staff engender a shared commitment to upholding De Anza’s vision of an equitable and socially just campus through democratic ideals and civic capacity building opportunities. Thus, we need to work with students to create an institution that meets them where they are on their trajectory of success.  

 EO Reps are committed to Social Justice Consciousness and Engaged Practice   

 “Social Justice is a process, not an outcome, which (1) seeks fair (re)distribution of resources, opportunities, and responsibilities; (2) challenges the roots of oppression and injustice; (3) empowers all people to exercise self-determination and realize their full potential; (4) and builds social solidarity and community capacity for collaborative action.” – UC Berkeley, School of Social Work

Available EO Representative Trainings

 EO Level 1 Workshop Abstract with Outcomes Embedded:

 At the completion of this four-hour workshop Equal Opportunity Representatives (EO) will have a solid grounding in De Anza College’s philosophy and commitment to diversity & social justice, which are at the heart of our Institutional Core Competencies.  EO Reps will understand their role on the hiring committee, the six major segments of the hiring process and be able to demonstrate a variety of strategies they can use to implement concepts of inclusion and social justice during each segment of the hiring process.

 EO Level 2 Workshop Abstract with Outcomes Embedded:

 At the completion of this four-hour workshop Equal Opportunity Representatives (EO) will have a solid introduction to the breadth and depth of their role in equity advocacy and leadership at De Anza. Specifically, participants will be able to: identify or reconnect with at least three allies or partners in the equity work at De Anza; define equity, equity advocacy and how advocacy differs from monitoring and support; describe the process of institutional racism; and describe and practice negotiating intercultural dialogue. This workshop is highly interactive and works to deepen relational trust and provide opportunities for personal reflection and action planning.



Important Documents

EO Rep Request Form

EO Sign Up Sheet

EO Hiring Committee Training Packet

Equity Sample for Hiring Committee

Equity Office
Building:  MLC 250
Contact: Veronica Neal
Phone: 408.864.5338


Last Updated: 5/21/14