Emergency Information

In the Event of a Civil Disturbance or Demonstration

Most campus demonstrations will be peaceful, and everyone should attempt to carry on business as normally as possible. Avoid provoking or obstructing the demonstrators.

A threatening disturbance should be reported immediately to the Police at 9-1-1.

The following action should also be taken:

  • Alert all employees in the area to the situation.
  • Lock all doors, secure all files, documents and equipment.
  • If necessary, cease operations and evacuate the building, alerting people as you go. Assist the disabled in exiting the building (see Assisting Students with Disabilities guidelines).

Police officers/college staff will assess the situation. Participants who refuse to disperse may be arrested for a violation of the State Penal Code.

If a class or lecture is disrupted, the offending person(s) should be asked to leave. If they refuse, call the Police at 9-1-1.


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Contact: Sally Gore
Phone: 408.864.8758

Last Updated: 1/27/12