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About the Learning Disability Support Team: Overview


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Did You Know?

Our mission is to ensure that students with learning disabilities have an equal opportunity to reach their educational potential.

  • Student Success Board ImageDe Anza College is a pioneer. It was one of the first programs in California, 40 years ago, for college students with learning disabilities.
  • Help to students and close collaboration with faculty and college staff creates an accessible learning environment.
  • Students with learning disabilities achieve a high rate of success in accomplishing their academic goals.
What Does the Program Do?

A comprehensive learning disabilities program

  • Provides accommodations and services and
  • Teaches learning skills classes
  • Is for students with specific learning disabilities and special learning needs who are enrolled in De Anza's vocational certificate, degree and university transfer programs
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Accommodations and Services

What Help Does a Student Get from De Anza College?

The student with a verified learning disability works closely with an Learning Disability Specialist.

Together, they
  • Identify academic strengths and limitations
  • Develop a list of accommodations and
    services that are
    • individualized
    • appropriate to the student's goals
    • address specific learning needs
  • Monitor academic progress
  • Adjust goals or accommodations, as needed


LD Services are:  Confidential and Voluntary

What Accommodations and Services are Available to Students?

Recommendations may include, depending on the nature of the disability and its impact:

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Who is Eligible to Use LD Support Services?

To be eligible for LD services, a student must:Student studying in EDC lab

  • Have a specific learning disability:
    • Documented by an appropriate professional learning disability specialist or psychologist, and 
    • Done within the last three years
  • Have an educational limitation as a result of the learning disability
  • Be enrolled at De Anza College
  • Possess the ability to:
    • Respond appropriately to questions, and
    • Follow directions
  • Meet with a Learning Disabilities Specialist to complete necessary enrollment paperwork.

Enrolled De Anza students who have never been evaluated for a learning disability may be eligible for an assessment to establish eligibility for services. Students can attend an Information Meeting to sign up. If unable to attend an Information Meeting, contact the LD program receptionist.

For more specific information on eligibility requirements, see About Learning Disabilities

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Enrolling for Services

How Does a Student Apply for Services?

Current or prospective De Anza students should bring a copy of their learning disability documentation to the LD Support Team. The following types of documentation may be provided:

  • Evaluation that includes current testing by an outside LD specialist, psychologist, or other appropriate professional
  • A learning disability certification by another California Community College
  • High School Individual Education Plan (IEP) or '504' plan that includes current testing by school psychologist

    Refer to  Steps to Apply for more specific information.

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De Anza's Disability Support Programs and Services Division consists of three program areas (the LD program operates within the Disability Support Services (DSS) program). These programs offer additional services and classes and may address the needs and goals of students with other types of disabilities.

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Learning Disabilities Support Team
Building: RSS 141
Contact: Kim Fukuyama
Phone: 408.864.8838 sizeplaceholder

Last Updated: 3/24/17