Disability Support Services/Deaf Services

Disability Support Services/Deaf Services

Being Late or Absent and Class Cancellations

  • If a student will be late for class, contact the Deaf Services' Supervisor by
    • email to Deafservices@deanza.edu or
    • text to 408.310.0625.
  • If the student does not contact the Supervisor, interpreters/captioners will follow the wait times outlined below.


One Hour Class 20 minutes
Two Hour Class 30 minutes
Three Hours or More 40 minutes


  • After the wait time is over, the interpreter/captioner will report the student as a "no-show" to the Supervisor.
  • The interpreter/captioner may be reassigned to another class and may leave.
  • If the interpreter/captioner has not arrived 10 minutes after class begins, a student must do both of the following
    1. Inform the instructor.
    2. Contact the Supervisor immediately at Deafservices@deanza.edu or
      text to 408.310.0625  OR go to the DSS office.

For planned and unplanned absences notify the Supervisor as soon as possible.

If a class session is canceled in advance, students should inform the Supervisor immediately.

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Deaf Services
Building: SCS 125
Contact: Rosemary Jensen
Phone: 408.864.8755 (V/VP)
Email: deafservices@deanza.edu
Disability Support Services Building: SCS 141
Contact: Patricia Whelan
Phone: 408.864.8753
TTY: 408.864.8748


Last Updated: 1/27/12