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Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services

Upcoming Quarter Preparations

At least two weeks before the start of any quarter, DHHS will send cover letters to those instructors who will have DSS/DHHS students in their classes and let them know the type of support services those students will be receiving: Interpreters, remote real-time captioning or FM system.  Some instructors may receive their cover letters just before the start of the quarter or after the quarter begins due to students adding classes to their schedules.

Before the upcoming quarter begins, there are some actions that an instructor with a Deaf/hard of hearing student will need to do. 

What we need from you as the instructor:
Please email deafservices@fhda.edu or sent a hard copy of your syllabus to DHHS.
Media Captioning:
Please fill out the Media Captioning Request Form and submit it as soon as you can. This is for all media you plan to show that is not captioned.
NOTE: We are accept media during and for the upcoming quarter. Please send your media as soon as possible.
Information about the captioning process, how you can provide accessible media and the laws regarding the mandate to ensure media accessibility are links that can be found under the Instructor header on our DHHS website.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding DHHS services, please contact deafservices@deanza.edu or please call: Rosemary Jensen, Supervisor DHHS, x 8755
For academic questions, please contact the student’s counselor: Esther Halwani, DSS Counselor, x 8959
Note: Youtube videos often use a voice recognition software and are seldom accurate. Please check the accuracy before the start of the quarter. Any inaccurately captioned links need to be sent and will be captioned by DHHS.

 Chair signs are placed in your classrooms prior to the quarter. These chairs are reserved for the interpreters/captioners for the duration of the quarter. You will see the below sign.Chair Signs DHHS

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services
Building: LCW 110
Contact:  Rosemary Jensen

Phone: 408 864-8755
Disability Support Services Building: RSS 141
Contact: Patricia Whelan
Phone: 408.864.8753
TTY: 408.864.8748


Last Updated: 8/24/17