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Interpreters: Policy & Procedures

Requesting Time Off

Requests for substitutions should be submitted via e-mail to the Supervisor at:www.deafservices.edu.  If requests are not confirmed with the DHHS Supervisor, please follow up to ensure the request has been received and is being processed.


Wait Times

The following table indicates the required wait time for interpreters. After the wait period has expired, contact the Supervisor to report the "no-show" and to receive possible reassignment.

One Hour Class 15 minutes
Two Hour Class 20 minutes
Three Hours or More 30 minutes



For any unexpected absences contact the Supervisor immediately via email.


Class Cancellations

If a class is canceled, contact the Supervisor immediately for possible reassignment.  The interpreter will receive payment for any cancellation that occurs less than 24 hours prior to the assignment, even if there is no substitute assignment.  If a student drops a class, the interpreter will receive payment only if the cancellation is less than 24 hours before the next class meeting.


Finals Week

Students are required to request services in advance for finals week and the Supervisor will assign interpreters accordingly.


Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services
Building: LCW 110
Contact:  Rosemary Jensen

Phone: 408 864-8755
Disability Support Services Building: RSS 141
Contact: Patricia Whelan
Phone: 408.864.8753
TTY: 408.864.8748


Last Updated: 12/2/15