PART 2 - Students with Disabilities in the College Environment

Suggestions for Positive Interaction with Students with Disabilities


Approach a person with a disability as you would anyone else. Offer to shake hands if warranted. Don’t worry about using words like “walk” with a person in a wheelchair, or “see” with a person with a visual impairment. Normal courtesy and respect are the keys in social situations.


Be Aware of Labeling

Using the term “students with disabilities” rather than “disabled students” puts the emphasis on the person rather than the disability. Avoid outdated, potentially pejorative labels like handicapped, crippled, or invalid, etc.


Give Your Full Attention

Consider that it may take extra time for a person with a disability to get things done or said. Be patient and offer help when needed. Keep your manner encouraging rather than correcting or impatient.


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Last Updated: 6/14/17