PART 2 - Students with Disabilities in the College Environment

State Regulations

California Code of Regulations - Title 5 - DSPS Governing Regulations

In addition to operating under the mandates of Sections 504 / 508 and the ADAA, De Anza College and the DSPS Division are governed by the California Code of Regulations - Title 5 enacted in 1977 and revised in 1993 and 2015. Title 5 guides the provision of services and instruction to students with disabilities. It also provides a categorical funding mechanism that partially offsets of the additional costs of providing authorized services.

Title 5 specifies that DSPS services or instruction must:

  • Be directly related to the educational limitations of the student’s verified disabilities.
  • Be directly related to the student’s participation in the educational programs and activities.
  • Support participation in educational programs and activities consistent with the college mission.
  • Promote maximum independence and integration.


Title 5 also specifies that DSPS services or instruction must not:

  • Duplicate those available to all students.
  • Limit the number of qualified students with disabilities.
  • Establish rules and policies that have the effect of limiting participation by students with disabilities in educational programs or activities.
  • Exclude qualified students with disabilities from any college course of study.
  • Provide less financial assistance to students with disabilities than is provided to students without disabilities or limit eligibility for scholarships on the basis of disability.
  • Measure student achievement using methods that discriminate against students with disabilities.
  • Counsel students with disabilities into more restrictive career paths than those recommended to students who are not disabled.

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