PART 2 - Students with Disabilities in the College Environment


Disability information is privileged and highly confidential. College administration, faculty, and staff should be aware that strict legal provisions protect student privacy. Key points are summarized below.

  • Disability records are separate from the student’s other college and academic records.
  • Prior to providing the accommodation, faculty may verify with the DSPS Division that:
    • A student has documented their disability and
    • That the student’s accommodations are authorized as appropriate, reasonable, and current.
    • A student with a non-visible disability may prefer not to disclose their specific disability diagnosis, but if the student requests accommodation, a faculty member should require that the student’s eligibility be verified and current. Contact DSPS for assistance.
    • Some students request that DSPS inform faculty members of their enrollment. If a particular service provider, such as a sign language interpreter, is assigned, that information will be forwarded.
    • Any discussion of disability issues should be conducted in private with the student.
    • The student, and no one else, may share the diagnosis and other particulars of the disability with faculty. A student’s decision to share such information is entirely voluntary.
    • Faculty must make general classroom announcements and not single out a student with a disability unnecessarily.
    • Information cannot be shared with other faculty, staff, or students without the student’s expressed consent. The only exception is a “specific professional need to know,” and if this rare circumstance arises, the faculty member is advised to first consult with the DSPS Division Dean or the College ADA/504 Officer.


Disability information is privileged and highly confidential. Questions on confidentiality should be addressed to the DSPS Division Dean or the College ADA/504 Officer

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