PART 2 - Students with Disabilities in the College Environment

FHDA Board Policies Related to Students with Disability

Service Animals

BP 3440

AP 3440


Requesting and Receiving Accommodation(s) Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Requests

BP 4670

AP 4670


Suspension/Termination of Support Services for Students with Disabilities

BP 5067

AP 5067


Disabled Students/Special Education Program

BP 5075


Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

BP 5077          

AP 5077


Course Repeatability for Students with Disabilities

BP 5078

AP 5078


Student Rights and Responsibilities

BP 5500

AP 5500


Student Code of Conduct

AP 5510


Student Due Process and Discipline

AP 5520


Student Grievances

AP 5530




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Last Updated: 6/14/17