Disability Information Student Handbook

Disability Information Student Handbook

Section Five:  Campus and Community Life

Special Events For Students With Disabilities

The programs in the DSPS Division sponsor speakers, events and activities for the college and community. Events in recent years have included a lecture by a nationally recognized speaker on learning and ADHD, literary reading by an acclaimed blind poet, author and disability rights advocate, participation in national teleconferences, presentations by local community agencies that serve persons with disabilities. 

The programs also host awareness activities for the campus, such as "Deaf Town," a campus-wide activity focused on the Deaf and hard of hearing community and culture.

The Adapted PE program has hosted an annual holiday celebration, spring bar-b-ques and a summer ice cream social for a number of years.  An annual Spring Celebration honors the DSP&S program’s students who have earned certificates or degrees or who are transferring to the university.

See the Photo Galleries in the Program websites for pictures of events.

Students representatives are also appointed as members of the Disability Support Programs and Services Advisory Board. This group of community and campus leaders meets biannually to advise the programs.


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