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Section Two: Using Disability Services and Accommodations
Academic and Classroom Accommodations & Services

Test Accommodation Guidelines

Requirements students with disabilities must follow to obtain test accommodations.

For the Steps to set up test accommodations, see Test Accommodations for Classroom Tests


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1.1 Student Responsibilities

1.1.1 - Students must request test accommodations from their DSS Counselor or LD Specialist.

1.1.2 - Students must schedule all test accommodation appointments with Test Proctor, according to Advance Notice Requirements listed in  2.1.
1.1.3 - Students must pick up a Test Envelope from the Test Proctor prior to each test appointment, per instructions. Deliver each to the instructor at least 5 school days in advance of appointment.
1.1.4 - Test Envelopes may not be given to a third party to deliver to instructor or Test Proctor.
1.1.5 - Student may not be in possession of an exam at any time without staff approval or supervision. (Exceptions may be made by Test Proctor only to allow a student to hand deliver exam to the Testing Center in an approved, confidentially sealed envelope, absent of any evidence of tampering.)
1.1.6 - Students must understand and follow all testing Guidelines, Policies, Procedures, and Rules, as explained by DSS personnel, outlined in Test Accommodation materials, or posted publicly in DSPS offices, the DISH, or web-sites.


1.2 Test Accommodation Authorization
1.2.1 - All accommodations must be authorized by the DSS Counselor or LD Specialist.
1.2.2 - Approval can be for only:
  • Those accommodations clearly supported by current disability documentation.
  • Those evaluative course activities that require alteration in order to afford the student equal opportunity to demonstrate course objective mastery.
1.2.3 - The Test Proctor may not make any changes to a student's test accommodations authorized by the DSS Counselor or LD Specialist.

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2.1 Advance Notice Requirements
2.1.1 - During the regular quarter:  Test appointments and/or pickup of Test Envelopes must be made a minimum of five (5) school days in advance.
2.1.2 - For Final Exams:  Deadline to arrange for test accommodation appointments are typically posted at the beginning of the quarter, but no later than the tenth (10th) week as posted in Test Proctor's office.
2.1.3 - Failure to adhere to Final Exam deadlines may result in loss of accommodation.
2.2 Test Appointments
2.2.1 -Test appointments will coincide with regular classroom test administration schedule to the extent possible. Students are responsible for allowing sufficient time in their schedule to utilize extended exam time.
2.2.2 - Exams must be completed in one appointment block, unless stated otherwise as an authorized accommodation, and approved in advance by Test Proctor.
2.2.3 - Exams may not be started in the course classroom and subsequently completed under DSS supervision.
2.2.4 - Students will receive an "Appointment Reminder" from the Test Proctor for each appointment.
2.3 Test Accommodations for Online Courses
2.3.1 - Since online course accommodations may necessitate consultation and coordination with the Online Education Office, requests for accommodation must be made as soon as the online education course commences.   Otherwise, accommodation may be delayed.
3.1 Administration
3.1.1Authorized exam accommodations may be administered by the course instructor or the DSS Test Proctor or his/her designee.
3.2  Materials
3.2.1Students supply required test materials, such as pencils, scantrons, blue books, etc.
3.2.2Unauthorized materials or personal effects are not permitted in any testing area.
  • Only items approved as test accommodations or those permitted by the instructor are allowed. 
  • Cell phones or mobile devices are prohibited and must be stored with the Test Proctor during the test administration.
3.2.3 - Unauthorized materials may be confiscated, the test terminated and returned to the instructor, and the instructor informed of the infraction.
3.3  Notes and Prompts
3.3.1 - Course instructor must review and approve any notes or materials to be used as an accommodation in advance of the test appointment.  Approval must be indicated by the instructor clearly designating pages or materials approved.

3.3.2 - All notes must be presented to the Test Proctor prior to the start of the exam.

3.4  Break Periods
3.4.1 - Students may not leave the the test area during the test appointment, except for a medical or other emergency, or for an official break period that has been approved in advance.

3.4.2 - In the event of a Medical or Other Emergency,

    • Notify the Test Proctor immediately upon leaving the test area.
    • Return the exam and any other approved test materials to the Test Proctor.
    • In the event that the Test Proctor is unavailable, another De Anza staff person in the area must be notified and receive the exam.

3.4.3 - Officially approved break periods are permitted only if necessitated by disability and with prior approval by the Test Proctor. In addition, student must:

    • Check in with with Test Proctor at the beginning of the break.
    • Provide the exam and any approved test. materials to the Test Proctor during the break
    • Remain in only the location agreed on and approved by the Test Proctor during the break.
    • Check in with the Test Proctor prior to resuming testing.
3.5  Exam Removal
3.5.1 - Exams are not to be removed from the test area for any reason, except to be returned to the Test Proctor or a designee of the Test Proctor.
3.6  Assistive Technology

3.6.1 - Students may use only those assistive technologies approved as an authorized accommodation.

3.6.2 - Students must demonstrate to assistive technology lab staff effective use of the applicable technology prior to the test appointment.

 3.6.3 - For any exam administered in the Computer Accessibility Lab (CAL), student is responsible for understanding and following the CAL Rules.


3.7  Discrepancies at the Time of the Test Accommodation

3.7.1 - In the event of a discrepancy regarding test administration conditions at the time of the appointment, the Test Proctor may exercise the right to consult with the course instructor, the DSS Counselor or LD Specialist, the DSPS Division Dean and/or other college administrators, as needed.

3.7.2 - Test Proctor is responsible for the final determination.

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4.1 Notification Requirement


4.1.1 - Students who have scheduled test appointments must  notify the Test Proctor in the event any of the following occurs:
  • Cancellation of an appointment
  • Anticipated late arrival, past the scheduled appointment time
    • Students may have that amount of time deducted from their exam or extended time
  • Absence from a scheduled appointment
  • Decision to take the exam in class during the regular class administration of the test
    • It will then be assumed that future scheduled appointments for that class may be cancelled by the Test Proctor.
  • Course drop or withdrawal



4.2 No-Show Consequences
4.2.1 - If a student has not contacted the Test Proctor, and is tardy more than 30 minutes, a "no show" will be recorded.
  • Instructor and the DSS Counselor or LD Specialist will be informed.
  • The test may be returned to the instructor.
  • Student will need the instructor's approval to reschedule.
4.2.2 - Students whose exams have been returned to an instructor more than 2 times in a give quarter may have their test accommodation services suspended.

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5.1 Exceptions to Test Policies and Guidelines
5.1.1 - Any exception is subject to approval by, as appropriate:
  • Test Proctor
  • DSS Counselor or LD Specialist
  • DSPS Division Dean
5.2 Exceptional Circumstances
5.2.1 - Questions or concerns about accommodation effectiveness should be brought to the attention of the student's DSS Counselor or LD Specialist as soon as possible.
5.2.2 - Problems during a test accommodation appointment or with the administration of the test must be reported immediately to the Testing Proctor, or his or her designee, at the testing site, and if appropriate, as soon as possible thereafter, to the DSS Counselor or LD Specialist.
5.2.3 - Serious disagreement or dissatisfaction about test accommodations should be noted promptly, per DISH Section Two, Legal Aspects, "Concerns and Complaints."

5.2.4 - Any occurrence that in the judgement of DSPS poses a potential breach of De Anza's Academic Integrity Policy:

    • May result in the immediate termination of the testing appointment.
    • Is reported to the class instructor.



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