Disability Information Student Handbook

Section Two: Using Disability Services and Accommodations

Assessment For Learning Disabilities

Learning disability assessment can help assure that you have the best chance to utilize your learning strengths and to receive the necessary assistance in areas of weakness. Learning disability assessment is done through class enrollment. Spaces are limited each quarter.  Follow the steps below as soon as you have decided to seek assistance.

Steps to enroll in learning disability assessment:

  1. Attend an Information Meeting
    • held monthly to describe the programs and services for students with disabilities. 
    • See the schedule on line at:  http://www.deanza.edu/dsps/orientation.html. 
    • If it is impossible to attend due to a class or work conflict, see the receptionist at the Educational Diagnostic Center (EDC), Learning Center West, 110.
  2. At the Information Meeting, you will fill out a Service Request Form, indicating your interest in having a learning disability assessment.
  3. You will be called and scheduled for an appointment at EDC to discuss assessment eligibility and procedures.
  4. At your appointment the EDC advisor who is a learning specialist will discuss your individual situation with you and may recommend an assessment. If so, you will add a 1/2-unit assessment class, Guidance 200.
  5. Guidance 200 is completed
    • in individual appointments.
    • generally, you will attend up to 6 separate assessment appointments.
  6. At your last appointment, the learning specialist will explain what your assessment means. You will receive a packet of the assessment results and recommendations for your particular learning needs.


  • You must be an enrolled De Anza student prior to assessment for learning disabilities.
  • Intake appointment dates for assessment are based on the date students attend an information meeting and turn in a Service Request Form.
  • If you miss more than two appointments without calling to cancel, you may be dropped from Guidance 200 and your assessment may be discontinued.


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