Disability Information Student Handbook

Financial Aid Liaison


DSS counselors or LD Specialists can refer students to Financial Aid Office for assistance and, if needed, help students with completing financial aid paperwork, including the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  They can also serve serve as a liaison with the Financial Aid staff to facilitate understanding of the financial aid processes.

Fee Waiver Program

The Board of Governor's Waiver (BOG-W) program assists eligible low income students. The programFinancial Aid:

  • Waives course enrollment fees only
  • Has no minimum or maximum number of enrolled classes or units required
  • Does not waive or reduce basic college fees or any course materials fees

DSS Counselors or LD Specialists can assist the student seeking a BOG-W:

  • With eligibility information
  • To complete the application
  • With submitting required supporting documentation

The BOG-W application must be renewed each Spring quarter for the next academic year and remains in place for each quarter of that academic year.


College / Community Referrals

Staff members in each of the programs in the Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS) Division are knowledgeable about the campus and local community, including educational, vocational, rehabilitation, consumer, medical, and social service agencies. They can inform students about resources, make referrals, and liaison with these resources to ensure that students have access to a comprehensive array of appropriate services.

Disability Support Services also coordinates with the California Department of Rehabilitation to assist students to achieve their vocational plans and also processes fee authorizations.

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