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DLC Committee Meeting October 6, 2010

Agenda and Topics:

  • DL program overview and update    --- April
  • Growth and major projects
  • DL course student success and retention
  • SLO and Catalyst
  • DL course evaluation
  • Catalyst system status and upgrade summary    --- Kevin (Larry, Marty)
  •  Online Teaching Conference 2011  --- April, Marty
  •  Catalyst support policy (non standard course and users)   --- Kevin & April



Attendees: April, Kevin, Marty, David, Anthony, Scott, Michelle.

1.Attendee introductions. April suggested that the purpose and function of the committee be to address bigger picture issues that relate to DL and CMS usage by the college, student success, etc., not just Catalyst features.

2. April gave DLC program overview, growth and updates.

During 2009-2010, DLC was one person down, has had enrollment growth despite overall FHDA reduction, and took on some major projects such as telecourse conversion, online programs like CDI and CAOS. Attendees all agreed there was growth demand in DL, and discussed different opportunities and challenges.

Data report from Institution Research on DL course student success and retention (1995-2008) summary and charts were disseminated to attendees. Average discrepancy between regular and DL sessions is around 10%. DLC would like to work with faculty expert to improve both overall and target student population success and retention in the future, either with grant opportunity or otherwise.

SLO's can be integrated into assignment and exam items using Catalyst, and one department has gone through assessment cycle.

DL course evaluation status report from April: pilot project took place, but the response rate was not acceptable  for a formal evaluation, the way it is facilitated in the current system. Moodle 2.0 with conditioned release will possibly aid in raising the response rate.

2. Catalyst update

Kevin gave status and upgrade report on Catalyst. In Fall 2010 there were 7,500 student accounts in the system, about 30% of all attending DA. Upgraded to 1.9.9 in Summer 2010.

Kevin, April discussed the student account import process change from SI to Banner, which caused missing accounts and support staff manually adding students in Summer and Fall. Michelle mentioned this as a problem as well. Jerrick Woo (ETS) and Kevin worked hard on trouble-shooting and found the cause for missing data, which was the missing email field or preferred email box not being checked. This glitch seemed to have been fixed for the most part.

Scott asked about tech support hours. April and Kevin answered that it was within TRG and DLC staff normal working hours, which doesn't include weekends except for the first 2 weeks of the quarter.

3. Online teaching conference

April and Marty reported that Linda Thor gave the invitation to host the OTC at DA. April and Marty presented info to the senior staff per request, regarding facility and tech requirement and timing. Senior staff would discuss again in their next meeting.

Anthony mentioned the first time user PDF file still referenced Presidium help desk which DA stopped using almost 2 years ago. Kevin and April said they would make sure to fix it. Attendees discussed pros and cons of the conference.

4. Catalyst support policy

Kevin discussed why there was no guest/non-enrolled users policy, which was security, and that for other needs such as deans, enrollment pending, etc., manual accounts could be created but correlated to individuals. April asked faculty perspective, and Michelle agreed to no guest policy.

5. Catalyst process, features and comments

Kevin discussed how and why Drops in Banner did not automatically transfer to Catalyst. Michelle mentioned that due to a recent change concerning financial aid insurance issue, once a student was dropped by FA, they could not be let in the class. Scott said data syncing would be nice, (to maintain just one system instead of 2).

Anthony and April mentioned students accidental drops, and how to add them back in, similarly to the dropping process in Catalyst.

Kevin said he would find out the possibility to flag dropped students to Catalyst instructors in email. Faculty members said that would be helpful.

Michelle said she would like to have user account default settings to have No on Autosubscribe, and Yes on Track forum post. Kevin said after April forwarded the email request he tried to change the defaults in account import, but user profile still showed the opposite. Kevin would continue to work on resolving this.

Anthony asked about if Moodle app can be used on iPhone to access DA Catalyst. Kevin replied no because of security concern. More security issues were discussed among attendees.


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