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DELTA is a home-grown database that Distance Learning Center uses to provide distance learning students course information, so that they will be more prepared to take the courses. This database is used by fully distance learning course faculty only.

Access the database as follows:


If you are a faculty teaching a distance learning course in the upcoming quarter, you will receive email notifications on when and how to create or update information. You will need to:

  1. Update/fill in your profile info if there are changes.
  2. Click Courses, then click the link to your course.
  3. Click Syllabus to update.
  4. Click Orientation to update.

You can preview your info at any point.

For an example of Syllabus or Orientation, go to our website www.deanza.edu/distance/ then click on Syllabus or Orientation link for the current quarter. Orientations might not all be open now, so find one that is still an active link for your reference. The first page of the Orientation is what you'll need to fill in, to include any particular information and requirements about your course. The rest of the pages are mostly generated, you can pick which pages you want from DELTA.

DELTA does not have a lot of customizable user features, like change password or HTML editor. DLC staff can assist in putting in the html code for you after you finish the content.

Distance Learning
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Last Updated: 7/2/15