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The FELI Workshop

The ACE Experiential Learning Institute (FELI) is five-day professional development experience designed for community college faculty, staff, and administrators.  The FELI is an experiential workshop involving more than fifty exercises and activities. These activities include but are not limited to large group discussion, small group sharing and presentations, movement activities, role-playing and reflection.

The FELI workshop challenges participants in many ways:
  • Participants closely examine reality versus your perceptions in the areas of working styles, listening abilities and communications techniques.
  • Participants experience the difference between outside-in learning and inside-out learning.
  • Participants are asked to practice authentic communication and understand the value of self-awareness and self-disclosure as vehicles for the transformation of education.

A majority of participants report that they experience significant renewal and inspiration upon completion of a FELI.

This workshop simulates the transformative learning incorporated into the ACE Bridge Semester program for students.

Curriculum Themes
  • Successful Students
  • Student Bonding and Community Building
  • Productive Conversations between Classmates
  • Becoming Aware of Perceptions versus Judgments
  • Recognizing Student Strengths

MPR Associates, Inc. is conducting a formal study:

  • To learn how community college faculty and administrators who participate in FELI perceive the Institute, and what they report as effects on their dispositions and instructional practices;
  • To learn whether reported changes in faculty and administrators’ attitudes, behaviors, and instructional practices affect student outcomes such as course completion.

In general, the results show that participants value their experience in the FELI highly, and report personal transformational effects similar to those experienced by community college students who complete the ACE Foundation Course. FELI participants indicate that participation has positive effects on their teaching, improves their communication strategies, and alters their beliefs about teaching.

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