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The funding process has been revised.  Please review the Funding Guidelines below and contact the Taskforce  co-chairs if you have any questions.

Proposal Deadlines for 2013-2014:

Quarter Projects
Submission Deadline
 Winter 2014  Friday November 15, 2013
 Spring 2014 & Summer 2014  Friday January 17, 2014
 Fall 2014  Friday May 9, 2014
 Winter 2015  Friday October 24, 2014

DARE Funding Guidelines  (PDF) New

DARE Funding Proposal Form (.doc) New

DARE Proposal Review Criteria

DARE BSI Fund Usage/Activity Report (.doc) New

DARE Clickers Request Form New

Developmental & Readiness Education (DARE)

Jennifer Myhre              DARE Co-Chair                BSI Faculty Coordinator


Rowena Tomaneng        DARE Co-Chair                AVP of Instruction



Last Updated: 6/3/14